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    emeryadmin · January 01, 2007 · Assessor's Office · 0 comments

    Starting with the Tax Roll Year of 2007, the Veterans Exemption has been altered to allow a larger maximum exemption.

    The Wartime Veterans Exemption now has been increased not to exceed $21,000, with an additional $14,000
    for a Combat Veteran, and an additional $70,000 for a Disabled Veteran. (These exemptions were increased
    from War Vet $15,000/Combat Vet $10,000 and Disabled Vet $50,000.)
    New York State now allows a “Cold War Veterans Exemption”. This exemption covers the period of 9/2/1945-12/26/1991. Previously, there were periods in this time frame that did not allow a veteran to have an exemption, because those times were not considered a “time of war”. This new exemption covers these periods that were not covered before. If you were a veteran during this time period, and have previouly been denied an exemption, please check with our office or The Fulton County Veterans Dept. to see if you qualify for this new exemption.
    This service period is now covered under the Cold War Veterans exemption, which allows an exemption not to
    exceed $12,000, with an additional $40,000 maximum exemption for a disabled Vet. All Veterans exemptions
    apply to the County and City taxes only, not the School tax.

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