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    Gloversville Fire Chief Tom Groff is reminding City residents of the burning ban until May 23rd. Please make sure you contact the Fire Department at 518-725-3124 to obtain a permit. Cooking fires are no longer allowed without a permit, unless you are using a charcoal or propane grill such as the ones shown in picture three. Thanks for your cooperation!!
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    To apply for a fire pit permit, go to the Fire Department Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am and 4pm. You will receive a copy of the Open Burning Ordinance and be scheduled for your inspection once the application is complete. Please remember! If you are a tenant, the owner will need to sign and notarize the application or show up in person with the applicant to sign. Once the application is complete and the inspection is scheduled, bring the application to the City Clerk’s Office to pay the $25 permit fee. The City Clerk will keep the application and issue a receipt that the payment was made. The inspector will bring the permit with them and will sign and issue the approved permit at the time of inspection. Please remember! The inspection is to ensure that the fire pit is a minimum of 15 feet away from any combustible material such as homes, fencing, garages, sheds etc. If the fire pit does not meet this criteria then the inspection will not pass. The $25 fee is nonrefundable for denied permits. Please contact the Gloversville Fire Department for any questions: (518) 725-3124
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