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Division of Buildings

Guide Through the Permit System

 Building permits may be obtained at the Gloversville Fire Department
 7 Days a Week 8am to 8pm

Make basic decisions about the size and location of the project.

Make an appointment to meet with the Building Inspector to discuss your project in general terms.

Have plans and specifications drawn up explaining all the details of your project.

The following codes must be complied within this process: 

NYS Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code

Code of the City of Gloversville
Building Code
Zoning Code
Zoning Map

Form Based Zoning Code Adopted 7/16

A paper copy is available for review at the  during regular business hours

Vacant Building Ordinance:

Vacant Building Permit Guidlines

Vacant Building Registration Form

Directions for Completion of Vacant Building Registration Form

Vacancy Ordinance Fee Schedule

Plans and specifications shall be reviewed as quickly as possible. The City Code allows for up to sixty (60) days for review by the Division of Buildings before a decision is required. Note: Review can be sped up by the submission of two sets of plans and specifications, so that the Division of Buildings and the Fire Department can work simultaneously. It should also be noted that a site plan review may also be required, depending on your location. 

Time should be allowed at this point for meetings between you and your project people, the Building Inspector and the Gloversville Fire Department, to work out any unspecified or unclear details regarding your project.

Once everyone has agreed that your plans and specifications are complete, permits will be issued and work may begin on your project.

When all of the work is completed and any Governmental entity which has issued a permit has filed compliance statements with the Division of Buildings, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued and the buildings may be occupied and used.