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    How Law Enforcement Agencies Serve Drivers

    Jennifer Mazur · June 05, 2017 · Police Department News · 0 comments

    Police officers do more than just write tickets. They make the roads safer every day with accident response, commercial vehicle enforcement, traffic enforcement, education, and more. These are just some of the ways law enforcement agencies serve drivers and make driving safer.

    • Accident investigation: If you’re in a car accident, police officers can be called to the scene of the accident. They will gather evidence related to the accident and work to determine cause and which driver is at fault for the accident.
    • Emergency response: After an accident, police respond to secure the scene as well. They block traffic, protect personal property, direct traffic, and even provide emergency medical aid until help arrives if necessary.
    • Commercial vehicle enforcement: No one wants to be on the road with an 18 wheeler that’s over weight or not following hazardous materials laws. Police departments enforce commercial vehicle restrictions, ensuring that large trucks and other commercial vehicles are not exceeding their weight limits and that they are conforming to hazardous materials transportation requirements.
    • Traffic enforcement: Police officers enforce traffic laws, keeping the roads safe from speeders, drivers texting behind the wheel, aggressive drivers, and more. They stop these dangerous drivers and issue tickets for violations.
    • Drunk driving enforcement: Drunk driving is hazardous to everyone on the road. Law enforcement officers stop drunk drivers either on the road by observation or at drunk driving checkpoints. They keep the roadways safe from drivers who are under the influence.
    • Education: Law enforcement agencies take a proactive approach to public safety, especially on the roads. They offer educational resources and events, encouraging safe driving with public information and awareness.
    • Traffic control: Police officers may be called to help direct traffic for special events, heavy traffic, or at accident scenes. This helps with traffic flow and safety. They may also escort large or oversize vehicles, funerals, and motorcades during events.

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