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    Jennifer Mazur · June 02, 2015 · Historic Gloversville · 0 comments

    Current Mayor: Vincent DeSantis


    On March 19, 1890 Gloversville was incorporated as a City and the last Village Board of Trustees president was John J. Hanson.

    Since then, Gloversville has had 32 different Mayors starting with Ashley Delos Baker 1890-1991

    Followed with:

    Clark L Jordan  1892-93                                   Chauncey C Thayer  1934-41
    Howard G Dewey 1894-95                               Robert B Ramsey 1942-53
    Curtis S Cummings 1896-99                             Roger B Haviland 1954-57 
    Edward S Parkhurst 1900-01                           Eugene S Grover 1958-61
    Albert L Covell 1902-03                                    Richard H Hood 1962-69
    Dr Eugene Beach 1904-07                               Robert P Best 1970-73
    Frederick M Young 1908-09                            Richard H Hood 1974-75
    Wesley M Borst 1910-11                                 Eugene D Reppenhagen  1975-77 1st Full-Time
    Alden L Henry 1912-13                                    Louis Nicolella 1978-81
    George W Schermerhorn 1914-15                  Eugene D Reppenhagen 1982-85
    Abram Baird 1916-19                                       Susan J Hammond 1986-89
    Theodore R Haviland 1920-21                        John M Reich 1990-93
    Frank A Patten 1922-23                                   Frank DeSantis 1994-97
    John W Sisson 1924-27                                  Abraham Seroussi 1998-01
    Franklin J Clark 1928-31                                Frank LaPorta 2002-05
    George W Green 1932-33                              Timothy G Hughes 2006-09
    Dayton King 2010-2019

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