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    Help Police Officers Help You

    Elizabeth Emery · June 15, 2017 · Police Department News · 0 comments

    Police officers help drivers every day, making the roads a safer place to get where you need to go. You can help them by making their work environment safer and by following traffic laws to lighten their load.

    • Take care when you’re pulled over: One sixth of all officers who die accidentally in the line of duty are killed by being struck by a vehicle. Police officers are often very concerned that they will be struck by a passing vehicle, and that concern is not unfounded. You can help officers stay safer by choosing a good place to pull over. Put on your blinker and pull into a parking lot or side street. If you’re on the highway, pull all the way over to the right of the shoulder.
    • Give police officers the right of way: If you see a police car with their lights flashing, get out of their way. Pull over to the right as far as possible and never turn or get in front of a police vehicle with lights flashing.
    • Practice safe driving habits: Lighten the load of law enforcement and don’t give them something to worry about. Follow traffic laws and regulations and practice safe driving habits so that you’re making the streets safer, not more dangerous. Never drive drunk, drowsy, or distracted.
    • Be friendly and wave: Law enforcement officers are people, too. If you see a patrol car in your neighborhood or on the road, smile and wave. Making a friendly gesture can help lift an officer’s spirits and remind them who they’re working to protect and serve.

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