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    Cooking fires are no longer allowed without a permit. See the  Fire Permit Fact Sheet.


    The members of your city council would like the opportunity to update you by email
    on a regular basis with respect to:
    • current topics of discussion
    • items of interest to particular neighborhoods
    • planned initiatives of the city or other agencies
    • opportunity for your input or active involvement

    If you are interested in receiving email updates please send an email
    to your city council representative asking to be included in a group email.





    Ward Map

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    Members of the Common Council

    Sixth Ward
    Wrandy Siarkowski
    518  773-7135

    Fifth Ward
    Jay Zarrelli
    518  848-2016

    Fourth Ward
    Steven Smith    
    518 332-3188

    Third Ward
    Vincent DeSantis
    518 844-9997

    Second Ward
    Arthur Simonds
    518 844-6905

    First Ward
    Marcia Weiss
    518 774-5114

    James Robinson
    518  723-6800