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    Gloversville Assessment Board of Review

    Elizabeth Emery · January 25, 2017 · Committees · 0 comments

    The Board of Review consists of 5 members, who reside in the City of Gloversville.  The Board of Assessment Review’s sole purpose is to guarantee taxpayer’s rights by hearing real property assessment complaints (Grievances) and arriving at fair and impartial determinations regarding those complaints.  The Board members are appointed by the Mayor for 5 year terms.

    The Assessment Board of Review hears complaints on Grievance Day, which is normally the fourth Tuesday in May each year.  The hours are generally 2-4 PM and 6-8 PM.  These hours may be extended depending on the number of complaints that need to be heard.

    Newly appointed and re-appointed Board Members are required to take a 3 hour instruction course, which is usually given in early May.

    The Board may be called upon to meet again if any changes need to be made to the Tentative or Final Roll after Grievance Day.  There is also a “Fall Board of Review” set up if any business needs to be conducted to correct the roll at that time.  Please note that no new applications may be accepted by the public at these adjourned hearings.

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