City Hall of Gloversville | 3 Frontage Rd, Gloversville, NY 12078 | 518.773.4500
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    For over 150 years people in Fulton County, New York have been involved in the glove and leather industry.

    Once upon a time the cities of Johnstown and Gloversville were considered to be “The glove-making capital of the world” and are to this day referred to locally as the “Glove Cities”. Johnstown is historically known as the home of Sir William Johnson, a Baronet who came to the British colony of New York and founded the town and named it John’s Town after his son John Johnson. Johnstown is also famous for being the birthplace of women’s rights activist Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Gloversville in it’s name reveals it’s main claim to fame, but many more lives have been touched over the past century and a half by the glovers, tanners, & leather dressers of the area and those in many affiliated local industries.

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