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    Jennifer Mazur · May 31, 2015 · Assessor's Office · 0 comments
    Everyone is entitled to the Basic STAR Exemption on their primary residence,
    as long as their adjusted gross income is below $500,000 for the income year

    that is needed to apply for that year.


    The Star Program has changed, to lean more click on the link below:

    NYS Star – Register for School Property Tax Relief

    The Enhanced STAR (Senior) Exemption is available to all homeowners who will reach the age of 65 that year.

    You need to file for the Enhanced  Exemption by March 1, even if your 65th birthday is later in that calendar year.
    Because this exemption is a larger exemption than the Basic STAR, it is income based. In 2018,
    the income level is $86,300. (this your adjusted gross income less any IRA draws).
    Please check with our office if you have any questions about this income level because it is generally
    increased every year.
    New York State has changed the verification process for the Enhanced STAR Exemption. Previously,
    you brought your income information and a renewal application form to the Assessor every year
    for the Enhanced STAR.
    New York State is now requiring all people that qualify for the Enhanced STAR to complete an RP-425-IVP
    form and return it to the Assessor’s Office. The Assessor will then enter the form information in the State’s
    website. New York State Taxation and Finance will verify your qualifications for Enhanced STAR and send
    the Assessor a report of qualifying homeowners. The Assessor will then enter the Exemption for the homeowner.
    Once the Income Verification Form has been filed with the Assessor initially, there will be no need to re-apply
    for the Enhanced STAR Exemption via the renewal application form with the Assessor in the years to come.
    In 2018, all persons that had the Enhanced STAR Exemption last year, will be mailed an Income Verification
    Form AND the Enhanced STAR renewal form. Both of these forms need to be filed with the Assessor.
    Please return these forms to the Assessor ASAP, so the information can be recorded on the New York State
    Taxation and Finance’s website. Failure to return these forms may possibly result in the loss of your
    Enhanced STAR Exemption.
    If you have any questions about this program, please stop in or call the office.
    Senior exemptions on School, County, and City bills are figured on an income bases. If your total income is
    under $22,200, you need to stop in to the Assessor’s Office to see if you qualify for an income based exemption
    on your primary residence.  To know if you are registered under the New York StateSTAR Credit Program,
    you will receive a check from New York State to help pay your school taxes, rather than receive an exemption on
    your school tax bill.

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