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    Everyone is entitled to the Basic STAR Exemption on their primary residence,
    as long as their adjusted gross income is below $500,000 for
    the income year that is needed to apply for that year.

    The Star Program has Changed
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    More information on the STAR Program

    NYS Star – Register for School Property Tax Relief

    The Enhanced STAR (Senior) Exemption is available to all homeowners who will reach the age of 65 that year.

    You need to file for the Enhanced  Exemption by March 1,
    even if your 65th birthday is later in that calendar year.
    Because this exemption is a larger exemption than the Basic STAR, it is income based. In 2017,
    the income level is $86,000. (this your adjusted gross income less any IRA draws).
    Please check with our office if you have any questions about this income level
    because it is generally increased every year.
    The Enhanced STAR exemption needs to be renewed each year, because it is income based. We send renewal
    forms out in October to all homeowners that had this exemption the previous year. Please renew this
    exemption early–you don’t need to wait until the next calendar year to have your taxes done to renew. We need
    the income information for the previous year: so when we send the renewals out in October, you already have
    the income information that we need. Please don’t wait until the end of February to file this exemption. It makes
    our job a lot easier when you file early.
    If you file a NYS return every year and your adjusted gross income, plus your social Security, is over $25,000.
    You may file  the enhanced STAR exemption under the “Income Verification Program”. By filing under this
    program, you do not have to come into the office every year to renew. Your NYS Income tax return is
    cross-referenced by the Office of Real Property and we are notified if you qualify or not for that year.  We then
    send you a postcard to let you know what your status is for that year.
    If you have any questions about this program, please stop in or call the office.
    Senior exemptions on School, County, and City bills are figured on an income bases.
    If you qualify for a senior exemption on your home, we automatically apply these exemptions when you apply for your Enhanced STAR each year.

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