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    Fulton County Hyper Reach Alerts

    Jennifer Mazur · March 28, 2016 · Police Department News · 0 comments

    Please take a moment to fill out the form attached to the following link:

    Hyper-Reach will already call your home phone number(s) in the event of local emergencies or community alerts. You do not need to register your home phone number.

    Submitting the additional information below will allow your cellular phone, email, and/or TDD to be notified as well.

    The information provided will not be used for any purpose other than community announcements.

    Please be sure that you choose the correct street address so that any Emergency Alerts affecting only your immediate area will reach you.

    This service is essentially a reverse 911 system administered by the Fulton County Fire Coordinator / Civil Defense Office and the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office. Hyper Reach is a service paid for by Fulton County and is of no additional cost to the City of Gloversville.

    The system was recently activated on February 23, 2016 to alert the public about road closures associated with structure fires on South Main Street and Harrison Street and to avoid the area. The system utilizes an automated “voice” so it may sound like a solicitation call at first. Upon signing up, you will be encouraged to save the phone numbers in your contacts to help recognize the source upon notification.

    I believe there is a benefit to the citizens of Gloversville and other local municpalities within Fulton County to register your mobile phone numbers with the Hyper Reach system. The system goal is to alert the public in the event of a local emergency. By registering your mobile number, you can expect to be notified regardless of whether you own a landline phone or were not home at the time of the notification.

    Thank you,

    Marc Porter
    Chief of Police

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