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    Deputy Building Inspector     DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS : The work involves responsibility for inspecting commercial and residential buildings during their construction, repair, or alteration to assure compliance with plans, applicable code, and safety requirements. Assignments are generated through the receipt of building permit applications. The work is performed under direct supervision of the building inspector, with some leeway allowed in the planning and completion of work. Does related work as required including but not limited to all types of inspections, typing, filing and other office work; and in the absence of the Building Inspector carries out those (his/her) duties as needed. TYPICAL WORK ACTIVITIES : -Makes detailed on-site inspections to insure that building construction repair and alterations conforms to codes, plans and safety requirements; -Observes placement and pouring of footings and foundations and the placing, fabrication, and erection of walls, columns, girders, slabs, beams, and other structural members along with any other construction work being done relative to the approved plans; -Ascertains that the quality of materials used in terms of type, grade, weight, quantity, and proportion are in accordance with approved plans; -Keeps records of observations, takes special notes and gathers data as the situation dictates; […]
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