Department - Police - Animal Control Center



Hours of Operation  
Monday - Friday  8:00 am - 4pm

Animal Control Officer Richard Schuyler 

518 -736-2100 24hr

Animals picked up by Animal Control are taken to the Regional Animal Shelter located at
117 West Fulton Street. phone # 725-5956

Animal Control does not investigate Animal Cruelty Cases.

If the officer finds grounds for an investigation the matter will be turned
over to the Gloversville Police Department.

The Animal Control Officer does not administer rabies shots or any other shots.

The Animal Control Officer does not put animals to sleep.

Stray and or feral cats are not picked up unless injured.


Division of Animal Industry John Huntley, DVM, Director, (518) 457-3502   

In 1995, the New York State Animal Population Control Program was enacted into law. Through the NYS Animal Population Control Program (APCP), eligible persons adopting a dog or cat from an approved SPCA, humane society, municipal shelter or dog or cat protective association may have their animal spayed or neutered for only $30.  In the first 10 years of the program over 60,000 low cost spay and neuter surgeries were done. In 2006, the law was amended to include the spaying and neutering of dogs and cats  owned by people public assistance for only $20.

Benefits of the Animal Population Control Program
Spaying or neutering your dog or cat is beneficial to both you and your pet. It is recommended that the surgery be performed before six months or the first heat cycle (whichever is earlier) because your pet's life expectancy is increased and their disposition generally becomes more gentle and affectionate; spaying a female helps prevent uterine infections, such as pyometra, and mammary cancer; neutering a male helps reduce the risk of cancer, prostate disease and hernias; and you save at least $8 on your annual New York State dog license fee.

Reducing the pet overpopulation is beneficial for every community as hundreds of thousands of cats and dogs are euthanized or suffer as strays every year. Furthermore, anytime a municipality seizes a stray dog, there are expenses for the taxpayers, such as sheltering the animal or even euthanizing it.

Funding Sources for the Program
There are four sources of funding for the NYS Animal Population Control Program.

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