Department - Police - Overview

Chief of Police Donald VanDeusen  (518) 773-4514

Patrol Division Commander, Captain Marc D. Porter  (518) 773-4516

Detective Division Commander, Captain Anthony Clay  (518) 773-4513

Public Safety Secretary, Patricia Cooper (518) 773-4514

Sergeants desk  (518) 773-4506

Detective Division  (518) 773-4505

The Gloversville Police Department is a full service police agency. Dispatched by Fulton County's Central Dispatch Center, twenty-four hour a day emergency and non emergency service is provided, with administrative offices open from 8 am to 4 pm weekdays at 3 Frontage Rd.  The Department has a total of 30 members with members assigned to Patrol, Investigative (Detective) and Administrative divisions. 

Along with the traditional police services, the department offers the community the following:

Sign up for Community Text Alerts

A neighborhood watch program
Residential and commercial security inspections
High risk warrant services team
Bicycle patrol
A counter sniper team
A crime prevention specialist
An accident reconstruction team
Animal control, and more.

The department has embraced the concept of community policing, striving tirelessly to improve the rapport between its members and the public, for only when the public and its police agencies share a common thread of trust and cooperation, will those that would endanger the peace and safety of the community be prevented from doing so.

The department has committed itself to provide the best possible law enforcement for the citizens of Gloversville. To ensure that this commitment would be reached, we have hired the best people for the job and provided them with the best training available. The result - an extremely high degree of professionalism, capability and performance. The City of Gloversville is well served by its police department.



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