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Gloversville Fire Department


Emergency Number: 911 Non-Emergency Number: (518) 725-3124

The Gloversville Fire Department protects 15,500 residents in 5.2 sq. miles. The department operates with four Battalions made up of a Battalion Chief, Captain and six (6) firefighters. Initial response is two engines, one truck and a Battalion Chief. Gloversville provides BLS with EMT-D and EMT-I personnel on engine companies.

Gloversville was the first department in New York State to purchase a Cairns IRIS thermal imager in 1997. The department utilizes an ISG Thermal imager.

Dispatching is done from E-911 central dispatch at the Fulton County Sheriff's department utilizing all civilian communications specialists.

The department provides code enforcement for all existing structures within the City. All code enforcement is coordinated by on-duty personnel under the Office of the Fire Marshal. 


Sponsored By:

Gloversville Fire Department and Gloversville Fire Fighter's Association Local 719







Initiated: August, 1993 after a tragedy involving a three year old boy who perished in a fire in Gloversville.
Goal:  To provide a free child-friendly smoke detector to parents of newborn babies residing in Gloversville.
Objective:  To get more smoke detectors into the homes of Gloversville residents, to protect childrens' lives from the tragedy of fire and to educate and motivate parents of the newborns about the importance and practice of fire safey as the child grow.
Method:  Parents will receive a voucher with the birth certificate.  They can pick up the detector at the Fire Department or contact the Department to arrange delivery.
Facts:  Each year, an average of 3600 children age 14 and younger are killed or injured in residential fires.  Forty percent of these are under the age of 5, seventy percent under the age of 10.

Initiated:  May 1996
Goal:  To provide a free smoke detector and/or battery to Gloversville Senior Citizens age 50 and over.
Objective:  To protect senior citizens' lives from fire and to continually re-emphasize to the senior citizen community the importance and practice of fire safety.
Method:  To distribute a smoke detector to any senior without one and assist with installation if needed.  Also to distrubute replacement batteries to seniors for their existing detector.
Facts:  In the US, senior citizens are at the highest risk of being killed by fire.  One-third of the total fire deaths is older Americans and the risk is 2.6 times greater than the general population.

Initiated:  April 1999
Goal:  To provide a visual smoke detector free of charge to any deaf or hearing impaired resident of Gloversville.
Objective:  To protect the livesof the hearing impaired citizens of Gloversville from the tragedy of fire.
Method:  To loan on an annual basis a visual smoke detector to those in need on a first come, first serve basis for their home use.  To install the detector and instruct the recipient on the proper use and care of the detector.
Facts:  People with impairments are at a greater risk of death and injury due to fire.

Initiated:  February 2010
Goal:  To provide a free carbon monoxide detector to Gloversville Senior Citizens age 60 or older, who reside in their own home.
Objective:  To protect the lives of senior citizens from carbon monoxide poisoning.
Method:  To distrubute a detector to senior citizens and install if requested.
Facts:  Carbon monoxide is the leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths in America.  It is odorless, tasteless and colorless.  Known as the "silent killer".
The Center for Disease Control estimates that CO poisoning claims nearly 500 lives and causes more than 15,000 visits to hospital emergency departments annualy.
Carbon monoxide is produced by common household appliances and when not vented properly.

For more information about these projects, or to obtain a detector, please contact the Gloversville Fire Department at 725-3125.

Children's Safety House

The Children's Safety House is a joint effort between the Firefighter's Association and the City of Gloversville.  The "house" was once a recreational trailer that has been converted to a hands on, educational exhibit.  The goal of the project is to enforce the principles of home fire safety and survival.

Firefighters along with help from the city and donations from the private sector redesigned the interior to simulate a child's bedroom.  The children are instructed and then introduced to a real life situation, where smoke (non-harmful smoke) is allowed to enter the bedroom area.  The child has to make decisions, on how to safely leave the room. All of the child's actions are supervised by cameras and are viewed by staff and fellow students.

The trailer also has a kitchen area, in order to teach other household safety lessons, along with a compliment of televisions and audio-visual aides.  Any group wishing to visit the Safety House can contact the Fire Department, in order to arrange a tour.

Juvenile Intervention Program

The Gloversville Fire Department has a Juvenile Intervention Program that deals with the problem of juvenile fire play.   Education is stressed, the child is taught the proper respect for fire along with fire safety skills.  This is accomplished with a variety of visual aides and written materials.  The parent's responsibilities are also explained in great detail.  It is the belief that a fire safe home is a shared duty, between the residing adults and the juveniles in their charge. 

The fire department has trained members that specialize in juvenile intervention.  It should be noted that the child would be educated in fire safety only.  Other behavior problems will not be addressed.  Anyone who would like more information in regards to the program, please feel free to contact the department.  


Enforcement of Property Maintenance Codes

The Fire Department is working hard to clean up the City and we hope that City residents and property owners will abide by all codes to make the City a better and safer place to live.  Together we can make a difference.

The following is a reminder about a few of the codes that will be enforced, the time frame allowed for compliance and what will transpire if there is non-compliance.

Firefighters are required to enforce the property maintenance codes of the City.  Violation orders will be issued for violations found and if there is non-compliance within the time frame given to remedy a situation then an appearance ticket for court will be issued and abatement conducted by the City.  Additionally, any person notified in writing of a violation shall not be re-notified for a period of one year, but may be automatically ticketed for a repeated offense.

It is against City code to have any growth of weeds, grass, or other rank vegetation to a height greater than 9 inches or accumulation of dead weeds, grass or brush on the property.  Code allows 5 days for compliance.

It is also against City code to have garbage, junk, or debris on the property and City Code allows 5 days for compliance.  The property needs to be maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary condition.

According to City Code it is unacceptable to have a junk vehicle on the property.  A junk vehicle is defined as any motor vehicle, automobile, bus, tractor, motorcycle, snowmobile, or any other contraption that was originally intended for travel or tow on the roadway that is unregistered, uninspected and not roadworthy.  Again, the vehicle will be required to be removed within the time frame indicated on the violation order or an appearance ticket for court will be issued and the vehicle will be towed from the property.

Neglecting to maintain a building's exterior will also be cited.  Exterior surfaces need to be treated with a  protective coating of paint with no bare wood visible.  Exterior stairs, porches, entrances, and railings need to be maintained in a safe and sound condition.  Roofs that are deteriorated with missing shingles will be in violation.  Buildings also need to be secured with all windows and doors in place or appropriately boarded per City Code.  All the above will be cited, and ordered to remedy.

Fences that are deteriorated and falling over need to be maintainted in a safe, good and substantial condition.

Another code requirement is ground cover.  Premises must be maintained to prevent the erosion of soil.

Furthermore, clotheslines will not be allowed on front porches or in front yards.  Again, the situation must be remedied within the time frame allowed on the violation order.

For landlords that live outside of Fulton County, it is a requirement by City Code that the owner designates a local agent and the agent is required to be registered with the City Assessors Office.

If you have questions or concerns, or simply would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact the Fire Department at 725-3124.  We are here to help.

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