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    2018 Agenda

    Kristy Kemmet · December 11, 2017 · Agenda · 0 comments


    Organizational Meeting                   January 1, 2018                 Read/Download

    Work Session                                     January 9, 2018                 Read/Download

    Regular Meeting                                January 23, 2018              Read/Download


    Work Session                                    February 13, 2018               Read/Download

    Emergency Resolution                   February 13, 2018               Read/Download

    Regular Meeting                               February 27, 2018               Read/Download


    Work Session                                    March 13, 2018                   Read/Download

    Regular Meeting                               March 27, 2018                   Read/Download


    Work Session                                   April 10, 2018                      Read/Download

    Regular Meeting                              April 24, 2018                     Read/Download


    Work Session                                    May 8, 2018                        Read/Download

    Regular Meeting                              May 22, 2018                      Read/Download


    Work Session                                    June 12, 2018                     Read/Download

    Regular Meeting                              June 26, 2018                     Read/Download 


    Work Session                                   July 10, 2018                      Read/Download

    Regular Meeting                             July 24, 2018                      Read/Download

    Emergency Resolution                  July 24, 2018                     Read/Download


    Work Session                                  August 14, 2018                  Read/Download

    Regular Meeting                             August 28, 2018                 Read/Download


    Work Session                                 September 11, 2018             Read/Download

    Emergency Resolution                September 11, 2018              Read/Download

    Regular Meeting                           September 25, 2018             Read/Download


    Work Session                                October 09, 2018                  Read/Download

    Emergency Resolution               October 09, 2018                  Read/Download

    Regular Meeting                          October 23, 2018                   Read/Download


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