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    Jennifer Mazur · August 12, 2013 · Community Development Minutes · 0 comments

    Mayor’s Conference Room
    January 15, 2013
    A regular meeting of the Community Development Agency Board of Directors was held Tuesday, January
    15, 2013 at 3:30 PM in the Mayor’s conference room at City Hall. Those in attendance: Frank DeSantis,
    Steven Kirk, Eugene Reppenhagen, Kathie Rohrs, Nick Zabawsky and Rachel Frasier. Excused Absence
    Mayor Dayton King

    1.  A motion was made by Eugene Reppenhagen and seconded by Steven Kirk to accept the minutes from
      the previous meeting. All in favor.
    2.  The rehab status report was presented. One housing project was completed during the month of
      December. One additional job is under construction.
    3.  The CDA program income report was presented for the month of December 2012. The account balance
      was $64,477.52 at the end of December 2012. Mag world is two months delinquent on its payments. We
      have received notice that Daniel Mathias has filed for bankruptcy. The Board would like to have the City
      Attorney look at the documents that were received from Daniel Mathias.
    4.  The Grant Status report for the month of December 2012 was presented to the Board. HOME 2009 funds
      are all encumbered and the final drawdown funds were just received from the State. The CDBG 2011 grant
      has a balance of $180,715.29. The agency was awarded the 2012 CDBG Grant in the amount of $400,000,
      which will target south of the current target area along the south side of East Fulton Street. The Agency
      also received the 2012 HOME grant in the amount of $400,000 which will be for the entire City.
    5.  A discussion was held regarding the demolition of the Baptist Church. The last of the financial information was mailed to the State last week.
    6.  There was no new information regarding the litigation with the Fulton County EDC with regard to the
      UDAG loan fund. We are still waiting on the Judge to make a decision.
    7.  There was no new information regarding the Estee School.
    8.  Motion was made by Eugene Reppenhagen to keep the current officer titles and seconded by Steven
      Kirk. All in favor.
    9.  The annual audit is due by the end of March. The auditors will be coming in the first week of February
      and will have it done by March.
    10.  The mission statement and performance evaluation was reviewed and a motion was made by Steven
      Kirk and seconded by Kathie Rohrs to continue to use the same mission statement. All in favor.
    11.  Motion made to adjourn the meeting at 4:05 PM by Gene Reppenhagen and seconded by Steven Kirk.

    All in favor.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Rachel Frasier
    Administrative Assistant

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