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    Jennifer Mazur · June 04, 2011 · Community Development Minutes · 0 comments

    Mayor’s Conference Room
    January 11, 2011
    A regular meeting of the Community Development Agency Board of Directors was held Tuesday,
    December 14, 2010 at 3:30 PM in the Mayor’s conference room at City Hall. Those in
    attendance: Mayor Dayton King, Frank DeSantis, Steven Kirk, Eugene Reppenhagen, Rachel
    Frasier and Nick Zabawsky.

    1.  A motion was made by Eugene Reppenhagen and seconded by Steven Kirk to accept the
      minutes of the previous meeting. All in favor.
    2. The rehab status report was presented. There was 1 project completed during the previous
      month, and an additional 3 projects totaling 4 units are currently under construction. There are 3
      projects that were out to bid.
    3. The CDA program income report was presented for the month of December 2010. The
      account balance was $63,752.51 at the end of December 2010. The revolving loan fund now has
      two bank accounts, one being a money market account with limited check writing and an account
      with unlimited check capacity. Neither account has a bank service charge. Both accounts are
      included on the monthly program income report.
    4. The Grant Status report for the month of December 2010 was presented to the Board. The
      HOME 2007 program is fully expended and will be removed off the list by next meeting. HOME
      2008 funds are fully encumbered. The HOME 2009 program has about $80,000 in encumbered
      funds, and the grant has a 2012 deadline.
    5. Nick Zabawsky gave updates on the Affordable Housing Grant. Nick and Rachel met Ted
      Letto and Red Carpet staff to coordinate the process of the Grant. The program currently has 17
      potential homebuyers on our list, but 1/3 probably will not qualify due to income or credit issues.
      The CDA office will make sure that applicants qualify for the grant, they will then be referred to
      Red Carpet Housing to get pre-qualified for a mortgage. Currently Red Carpet will be using
      Patriot and First Niagra Bank. Once qualified the applicant will then be taken to available site to
      determine which site they preferred. We currently have 4 available lots and 7 Paper Streets.
    6. The Baptist Church demolition on South Main Street has started. The preliminary historic
      survey has been completed and the State has signed off. A minor problem discovered with a
      crawl space in the back wing that contains asbestos, which will require a change order.
      Demolition should still take place this winter, weather permitting.
    7. Discussion of the Gloversville UDAG loan pool that is currently administered by the Fulton
      County EDC. On January 18, Mayor Dayton King, Nick Zabawsky and Bruce Van Genderen will
      be having a meeting with Mike Reese to discuss the UDAG loan pool. They will be reporting
      back in the February meeting.
    8. The Estee School project was discussed. If we do not have any action on this project, the City
      risks losing a 2.5 million dollar grant. We need to come up with an alternate. Some discussion
      was brought up about a possible hotel, and a hotel would be considered a commercial
      development so would be entitled to the 2.5 million dollar grant. With this grant we are unable to
      move money to another site, has to be this current site. Concerned state might come in and take
      the grant money back, if nothing is done with the location.
    9. Orion Management Company’s contract was up at the end of December. After discussion a
      motion was made by Eugene Reppehagen to renew the agreement on the same terms and
      conditions as the prior contract. Seconded by Frank DeSantis. All in favor
    10.  Motion was made by Frank DeSantis to adjourn the meeting and seconded by Dayton King.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Rachel Frasier
    Administrative Assistant

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